Our history

Scatolificio Bassanese 2 SpA has been operating in the world of packaging for more than 40 years.
The ability to cover the entire packaging sector, the great variety of products offered combined with acquired and innovative technical skills, the speed of response to the different needs of the market, have helped to identify Scatolificio Bassanese 2 SpA a leading and established reality in national and international level.

Scatolificio Bassanese was born
Scatolificio Bassanese was established in 1978 as a small box factory specialized in the production of die-cut edge protectors and corrugated cardboard boxes.
The factory
stabilimento 1987
In 1987, the initial nucleus of the present productive plant starts in “Cassola”, expanded in 1990 to handle the larger volume production obtained by the utilizing of new equipment for boxes production.
production of edge protectors and pressed paper U-shaped profile
profilo ad u simmetrico cartone
In 1992, the company has been confirmed among the first European companies to undertake the production of edge protectors and pressed paper U-shaped profiles.
Quality certification ISO 9001
ISO 9001 scatolificio
Scatolificio Bassanese is amongst the first box factories in Italy to feel the need and to obtain the quality certification of their manufacturing processes in order to work with important clients and partners at a national and international level.
Further expansion
imballaggi scatolificio
Further expansion of the “Cassola” production plant with merging of the detached headquarters departments, in order to optimize logistic flows, resources and optimize synergies amongst the various production departments.
Scatolificio Bassanese 2 S.p.A.
ScatolificioB Interni 4
Scatolificio Bassanese 2 S.p.a is a company dedicated to a constant innovation. Evidence of this is the investment in new equipment in order to pursue new challenges in terms of quality and production efficiency.
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