The most common use of wardrobe boxes is the storage of clothes, both during storage and shipping. The shape of these packagings allows garments to be stored without creasing or the fabric being damaged by bumps and falls.


The wardrobe boxe is the main product for the containment, transport and protection of hanging garments.

Generally it is made with types of corrugated cardboard with high structural characteristics in order to withstand the weight of the products hanging inside and withstand any knocks during the transport phases.

Thanks to special molds (called dies) it is possible to make the interlocking holes for the support in plastic or ferrous material where the clothes are hung, as well as to create the side opening window to facilitate the operations of packing and picking up the garments.

We are able to make wardrobe boxes of the most varied sizes with glued or sewn seam.

In addition to the supply of the wardrobe boxe, it is also possible to request the supply of support supports.

wardrobe boxes
Wardrobe boxes
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