Asymmetric edge protector

The asymmetric edge protector is the ecological solution to protect packaging.


The laminated paper edge protectorcan also be made with non-symmetrical sides in a large variety of combinations in order to meet the specific packaging requirements and customer needs.

It is a product made with overlapping strips of cardboard joined together with vinyl glue and wrapped in a brown or white colored paper cover.

All these components are then pressed and shaped to obtain the “L” profile and finally cut to size.

Thanks to this particular production process, a product with high mechanical performance is obtained with the advantage of being 100% recyclable.

angolare asimmetrico in cartone

The standard sizes of our standard cardboard corners are:

  • Length L : up to 7000 mm. max.
  • Width A : 35-45-50-60-75-100 mm.
  • Width B : 35-45-50-60-75-100 mm.
  • Thickness S : from 2.5 mm up to 10 mm.
Asymmetric edge protector
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