American boxes

The American cardboard box is one of the most used packaging models for the transport and storage of goods.

The characteristic of an American box is the closure which is carried out through the “wings”, once the packaging is closed it appears as a parallelepiped.

American cardboard boxes

The American box is most likely the most popular packaging in the world given its simple and quick use.

It can be made with all the main types and compositions of corrugated cardboard.

These two characteristics make it possible to create packaging with low costs, able to guarantee the optimal level of protection for your products during the delicate phases of transport and storage.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities allow the creation of multi-color printing packaging, with glued or stitched joint, which can range from small to large sizes.

The industrial products contained and protected by this type of packaging can be the most varied:
  • metal small ware
  • apparel clothing
  • appliances
  • furniture and furniture material
  • food products
  • printed plastic products
American cardboard boxes
American cardboard boxes
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